Mushin Fit Sequel

Mushin Army are you ready for your second challenge ? Lets keep moving forward and working on  that Healthy body, healthy mind, keep our community strong by challenging one of our other members, who will [...]

Super Hero Sequel

Super Hero's are you ready for your next challenge ?" remember Complete the challenge and show your proof and earn points to redeem for an exciting prize. Get your parents and family involved and work [...]

Mushin Fit Challenge

Calling all Adults! The Mushin Army wants you....to complete this workout. We can all be guilty of sleeping in or tuning into Netflix but these fun short workouts will help you burn off all that [...]

Super Hero challenge

 While we are closed we can all continue to work and improve,we will be doing a little for our juniors  competition! Super Hero's are you ready ?" we have an extra motivation Complete the challenge [...]

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