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Combat Sambo Wednesday 7-8.30

Sport Sambo Thursday 6-7.30

Sambo wrestling developed in Russia throughout the 20th Century based upon traditional wrestling and grappling styles that were first recorded in Russia in the 10th Century.

Wrestling in Russia at this time was used to settle individual and collective differences.  The Russian word Sambo was officially taged to the sport in 1938, however historians of this grappling sport note that the development of sambo was taking place in the 1920s.

Sambo is famed the world over for its devastating use of leg locks.

The UK Sambo association was formed in 2010 by Adam Lindop And Sue King to help promote the russian sport of Sambo/Cambo throughout the UK,  in 2013 we were pleased to have on our Comittee Vadim Kolganov & Darrin Richardson, and we are now members of  the British Sambo Federation .

we teach both classical  (khurtka)and No Gi we compete regularly at British and Scottish Open  Nationals.  We are now home to  Sambo Competitors :

Yan Shi Gold Sport Sambo Scottish Nationals 2012 

Adam Lindop Bronze  Combat Sambo Scottish Nationals 2012  

Bronze RAF (Russian all round Fighting)  Russian Martial arts festival 2012

Gold Masters  Sport Sambo Scottish Nationals 2013

Gold ARB ( army hand to hand) Russian Martial arts frstival 2014

Bronze  Masters Sport Sambo British Nationals 2015

Mathew Pickering Silver Combat sambo  British Nationals 2013

Gold Scottish Nationals Combat sambo  2013

Gold Combat Sambo British Nationals 2014

Bronze Combat Sambo British Nationals 2015 

James Rogers Silver Combat Sambo Scottish Nationals 2013

 Silver Combat Sambo British Nationals 2014

Paul Rogers Silver Sport Sambo British Nationals 2015

Paul Rogers Sliver British Open Combat Sambo 2016


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