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Welcome to Team  Mushin ( Community Interest Company)

Making Champions in Life & Paying it forward to the community 

Team Mushin is made up of three groups:

Muga Mushin Ryu Ju-Jitsu, UK Sambo Association, Team Mushin Muay Thai

our mission statement:

we are a non-profit organisation promoting fitness through martial arts combined with personal development,mentoring and leadership programs to help students to realise there full potential and create change not only in themselves but their communities.

What we do:

We treat each person as an individual and tailor support to their needs. Create Champions in Life and role models for others to follow, working within the community to increase opportunities to help the community.

At Team Mushin we want you to enjoy your training regardless of fitness level or age,so if you are looking to get fit, fight or set some new goals why not call in and have your first lesson free.

All instructors are fully qualified & insured with Proffessional Indemnity and DBS and have competed and coached in there specialist sport

Classes at the academy include ....

Traditional Ju-Jitsu


Combat Wrestling

Muay Thai


Childrens classes ....

Little Samuria's ( age 4-6)

Ju Jitsu ( age 6+)

Thai Boxing ( age 6+)

Junior Sport Sambo (age 8+)

private tuition is available on request, please ask at reception for more details.

Team Mushin Values

The Fight for Peace Global Alumni Programme (GAP) builds the capacity of

community based organisations (CBOs) around the world to deliver high quality support to young people in cities affected by violence. FFP provides intensive training in the FFP approach, and 12 months of on-going consultancy support to help adapt the approach to be effective in each CBO’s community. The programme was launched in 2011, and by 2015FFP will have built the capacity and increased the capability of 130 CBOs. By training these local partners, FFP is helping approximately 72,000 young people to have better access to support and opportunities in communities affected by violence.

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